It’s Been a Blast

This time two years ago, I was making final preparations to move to Virginia to take part in the Writer Development Program at The Motley Fool. It was a wonderful experience, and led to a great opportunity to work as a freelance writer. This was something that I enjoyed, though even I could admit thatContinue reading “It’s Been a Blast”

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

In my previous post, I talked about I had narrowed my choice for grad school down to six options, and my intention to get my masters in finance. I’m sure many of my more savvy readers out there were curious why I decided to pursue that degree instead of getting my MBA. I spoke brieflyContinue reading “What I Want to be When I Grow Up”

Thoughts on Grad School, Part 2

I already talked about going back to graduate school in a previous post, so I’ll let you go read that if you want the total background of what led to my current choice. If you’ve been following me on Twitter — at this point, why aren’t you on Twitter? — you would have seen theContinue reading “Thoughts on Grad School, Part 2”