Taking a Mulligan

The second iteration of “A Blog a Day for 30 Days” didn’t work out so well. Instead of trying to go back and fill in all the gaps that I missed (about eight days as of right now), I’m just going to say “no mas” and try again in a few months. This doesn’t mean that I will not be posting for a bit, but with my move this week, it might take me a while to get settled. However, I do plan on posting all sorts of interesting stuff about my new environs over the next few months, and some of it may even be interesting. So stick around and stay tuned as I try to entertain you enough to keep you reading.

Until next time…

Happy Father’s Day

I wrote about the awesomeness of my father in one of my “This Army Life” posts, so you can follow that link and read about how my dad influenced me to join the Army. However, since it is Father’s Day, I figured I might as well write a bit more about the nonfamous, but still very important, Ronald D. Eberhard, my father, who just happens to be the greatest father in the world.

My father wasn’t overly strict, but he wasn’t super nice. In their relationship, my mother was always the more gregarious one. If I remember the story correctly, my mother was even the one that proposed to my dad nearly 50 years ago. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a strong person or role model for me growing up. I had a few friends growing up that obviously had different relationships with their fathers. They were all children of divorce, and their relationships with their dads were all different in some way. One friend had every other weekend with his father, one friend’s dad lived in San Francisco, and the other friend’s dad lived outside the home and saw his sons pretty often. I guess in a way it was nice to always have my father around. I never took him for granted and he has always been there to help me, and my siblings, when we need it. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day”

More Mobilization Journal Posts Up

For the second time this month, I am using a day to post a link (or two) to older Mobilization Journal posts. As you will see, once I arrived in Iraq, I didn’t write as nearly as much as I was planning on. I’ll try to fill in some gaps as I go along, but don’t expect a whole lot after June or so, and there will be other gaps as well. I actually wrote a bit more than I remember, which makes me happy. I think I may go back and fill in some of the background behind the cast and characters that may be introduced, but I’ll see how it works as we go along. Enjoy!

Until next time…

Robert’s Original Blog, Part V

Note: The following is a poem that I wrote in tenth grade that was included in the  “Sophomore Honors English Poetry Collection 1996-1997” from Hunter High School and Ms. Heart. As you will see from the tone, poor little “Bobby Eberhard” was pretty sad for himself as a 16 year-old. I have tried to format it as it looks on the page, as if that is part of the presentation. This is a horrible poem and I am shocked that I wasn’t immediately failed. However, this goes to show that I was truly emo before it existed. Boom!


Sometimes I think that no
        no one
will ever love me.
I mean
         people besides my parents and
            teachers, who are required to.
I also think that I may never love,
       love someone the way
            that I’ve never been loved before.
The kind of love that’s
       unbreakable through the ages
           the kind that lasts forever.
I may despair now
        but I know that
              love will come to me.
Hopefully, at least.