Why co-workers and the office environment suck

This is purely an opinion piece and not based on scientific facts or anything, but here goes: It’s easy to trace this dilemma to two things: humankind’s natural tendency to be hunter/gatherers and society’s general apathy towards work. The first is something that has developed since the beginning of time, when man first stood erectContinue reading “Why co-workers and the office environment suck”

Lamenting the blogging Culture

“Don’t even worry about mySpace,” she says. “Why do you have to like everybody else in the known universe?” she cries. “You’ll never update it and it will become a waste,” she warned. Surprisingly correct, though can’t put nothing past her, as she is the smart one in this relationship. Ever since they blocked myContinue reading “Lamenting the blogging Culture”

The un-Mormonization of the Prodigal Son

Kind of an interesting story… It all started when the local ward folks started randomly showing up at the apartment and trying to get in touch with me. One even sent me a Book of Mormon with a picture of his Mormon-looking family and his testimony. Creepy! But as per usual, I ignored them. ThatContinue reading “The un-Mormonization of the Prodigal Son”