Robert Writes a Book – Day 37

Note: I’ve decided that I’m not going to count weekends anymore unless I actually do some writing, so the averages below reflect that. However, I’ll still count weekdays that I don’t write as a “zero” for the day, because I do most of my writing during the week.

Wrote some more today, not as much as the previous two days, but still a positive number. I wasn’t going to write anything since I’ve been feeling less than 100% since yesterday, but I still managed to get some words down, which is a success in my book.

I’m still trying to find something for this book to be. I think I’ve done enough “world building” – which is pretty easy when you are writing in a version of the actual past – but I don’t yet know what my people are going to do. I’ve had a couple of people ask me what genre my book was and I still don’t know. Shouldn’t I know that by now? I guess not knowing makes it easier to avoid writing myself into a corner, but it’s still frustrating. I’m hoping that by the time I reach the next “milestone” – about 50,000 words or so – I’ll have an idea, but I guess it all remains to be seen.

On with the stats:

Total words written: 27,256 (+836 from 7/6)
Daily average: 737 (up from 734)
Approximate days to end goal: 180+
Approximate days to next reveal: 30+

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