Robert Writes a Book – Day 15

If you missed my special preview of the book’s “Prologue,” feel free to read it here.

I wasn’t going to write anything, but I didn’t want to have another empty day, so I sat down and wrote something. Whether or not it stays in the story as is, or in the same spot, remains to be seen, but it was nice to get more down regardless.

I’ve spent the past couple of days writing about the female characters in my main protagonist’s life, and I continued expanding on that today. I’m not terribly happy with how it turned out, but I’m nowhere near the end yet, so it probably won’t matter.

Total words written: 20,206 (+832 from yesterday)
Daily average: 1,347 (down from 1,384)
Approximate days to end goal: 103+
Approximate days to next reveal: 18+


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