Robert Writes a Book – Day 14

It probably would have made more sense to build a timeline for my book before I got this far into it, but I suppose now is better than never. Only had to make slight modifications to make the current story fit my ideal timeline, so no harm, no foul.

Aside from building said timeline, I wrote some more, correcting some of the continuity flaws that resulted from building a timeline after being 18,000 words into a book. But I still managed to add almost a thousand words to this monster, which currently sits at 59 pages as currently formatted!

Plus, even though I am just a bit short of my 20,000 word goal for sharing something, I have decided to share what I am calling the “Prologue” tomorrow morning. It should be live on this blog early tomorrow, so I hope you come back and find out what it is I’ve been talking about for the past two weeks.

Still not really getting anywhere yet, but I’m only about 10% of the way to my end goal with this thing, so I’m hoping to find a narrative soon. And once I have that breakthrough, I’ll be sure to let everybody that actually cares know about it.

Total words written: 19,374 (+825 from yesterday)
Daily average: 1,384 (down from 1,427)
Approximate days to end goal: 101+
Approximate days to 20k: TOMORROW!!!!

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