Robert Writes a Book – Day 13

Another day with above average output, and I’d probably have even more done if I didn’t need to go and get ready to go for a walk.

Today, I continued where I left off yesterday, trying to tie some stuff together so there isn’t as large of a narrative gap between some things that happen. Doing this is going to require me to change some stuff that happens a little later but I think I left it at a point that it shouldn’t be too dramatic a change.

In total, I wrote 1,455 words today. I am up to a total of 18,549, which means I’ll probably be sharing something on Friday, so set up a calendar reminder now!

Now for the stats for the nerds out there:

Total Words written: 18,549 (+1,455)
Average words written overall: 1,427 per day (up from 1,425)
Average words written on 9 “writing days”: 2,061 per day (down from 2,137)
Days to goal using overall average: 99+
Days to 20k and first reveal: 1+

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