Robert Writes a Book – Day 12

I spent the day doing actual work, but during lulls, I somehow managed to write more than I have since last Tuesday.

In today’s part of the story – without revealing too much – I fleshed out a relationship a bit that seemed pretty shallow originally, especially in light of what I wrote yesterday. And I’m not quite done with today’s section either, so hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow.

In total, I wrote 2,045 words today, the 4th best day since I started writing this thing. I am up to a total of 17,094, which means I halved the potential days to the first reveal. (Now I just need to figure out what to share when that milestone rolls around).

Now for the stats for the nerds out there:

Total words written: 17,094
Average words written overall: 1,425 per day (up from 1,368)
Average words written on 8 “writing days”: 2,137 per day (down from 2,150)
Days to goal using overall average: 100+
Days to 20k and first reveal: 2+

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