Robert Writes a Book – Day 11

I took the weekend off to spend some time with friends and family, so I’m a little off of my previous pace now, but I still had an above average output today.

Today, I started by rearranging some things and editing some of the stuff so that it flows a little better chronologically. There’s still some work to do; my last two chapters are currently too short and without titles, but I’ll keep working on them as I try to find the story.

All in all, I wrote 1,410 new words today, so I’m up to a grand total of 15,049! Still not quite to 10% of my goal, but 75% of the way to sharing something with y’all out there that care about this little undertaking.

Now for the stats for the nerds out there:

Total words: 15,049 (+1,410)
Average words written overall: 1,368 per day
Average words written on 7 “writing days”: 2,150 per day
Days to goal using overall average: 106+
Days to 20k and first reveal: 4+

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