Robert Writes a Book – Day 7

Done writing for today, so here’s the still Untitled Adventures of a Guy Named Blank stats you’ve been waiting to see. 1,876 new words written today that were all much more exciting than the 2,100+ mostly spent on 9/11 from Tuesday.

As a bit of an early spoiler, if you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, there is a military element to the story (write what you know, right?), so that day might be a pretty big deal when all is said and done.

Total words written: 12,407! Works out to 39 pages as formatted in “book” style, and I have averaged 1,772 words a day for the past week. At that pace, I’ll reach my goal of 160,000 words (so many!!) in a little over 83 days.

Daily Stats:
Total words written: 12,407 (+1,876)
Daily average: 1,772 (up from 1,755)
Days to end goal: 83+
Days to 20k: 4+

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