And I’m Back… Again. I Know You’ve Barely Noticed My Absence

It’s been a few weeks since I have written anything. I have numerous excuses: wonky internet at work, no time outside of work, bored with the Fool Revisted series, etc. And I’ve tried to do months in the past where I wrote a little bit each day, and that hasn’t always been successful (look at any February over the past few years to see the results of that), but I’ve decided to try something similar again.

Up first in April, I will be doing what will be called “Ten Days of Hamilton,” which will lead up to me (and my wife) seeing the musical Hamilton: An American Musical on April 14th in Salt Lake City. After a bonus entry in that series on the 16th after I actually see Hamilton, I will start the next mini-series, which I will announce later, though it might be something related to the Fool Revisted series, which I also plan to resume before too long.

To kick off “Ten Days of Hamilton,” I will be re-posting back the first two parts of my review of the Hamilton book today and tomorrow, with subsequent posts extending on that and other things leading up to the 14th (as I am in a mad dash to finish the book before we go to see the musical). Most of the posts will be like the one below, but I’ll also have a couple of fun ones along the way – at least if you view American political history and/or musical theater as fun things.

Going forward, I really plan to write more – another thing I’ve said about a hundred times on this blog. Luckily, my recent three week hiatus is pretty short in the grand scheme of me not throwing my words into the blogosphere to be ignored by (mostly) everyone. But I have some exciting – to me – things planned leading up to the 2018 election and just life in general, so hopefully when I look back at what I’ve written in 2018 at the end of the year, it isn’t just a lot of blog series abandoned half way through.

Until next time (which will literally be in a few minutes with a re-blog as indicated above)…


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