It’s Been a Blast

This time two years ago, I was making final preparations to move to Virginia to take part in the Writer Development Program at The Motley Fool. It was a wonderful experience, and led to a great opportunity to work as a freelance writer. This was something that I enjoyed, though even I could admit that I could do better.

Well, now that I am getting set to start grad school later today, it is time for me to focus on school and prepare for whatever my future holds. Unfortunately, this means that I will no longer be a contributing writer for The Motley Fool.

The last time I tried to write part-time, I often found it difficult to come up with topics for writing, and while trying to fit my writing around my full-time work schedule, the quality of my writing was suffering. So this time around, I have decided to not serve two masters, instead focusing all my time (well, the majority of my time) on school instead.

It will end up testing my budgeting abilities, but I should be alright between my GI Bill benefits and some student loans. I wasn’t planning on doing a whole lot while I was here other than school, and I really want to try and do as well as I can in my MSF program so I can hopefully land a job after graduation next year. I’ll have time to work for Illinois Business Consulting if it fits in my schedule (and they accept me), as well as hopefully get a spot in the Real Client Managed Portfolio class and get an opportunity to manage some real funds while in school.

I have made some good friends while working with The Fool, and I owe my affiliation to them and the great recommendations written by some people there for even getting into graduate school. In the future, if the opportunity exists, I would like to work for them or with them again, but only time will tell. My two years as part of The Fool family will be one that I always look back on fondly. Sadly, it is just time to move on and get the best out of my masters program as I can.

Until next time…


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