Weight-Loss Update – Month Five

I’m kind of sucking at regularly updating my progress in this goal from the first of the year. Part of it is that I am unsatisfied with my progress and feel weird report losing half a pound over the span of a month. But no longer. I need to do this more, and report every loss (or gain) regardless of the size. It’s about accountability, and if I don’t do this, it just gives me an excuse to resign myself to my previous lifestyle. No thanks.

I’ve been in Illinois for almost a week. In order to meet this quarter’s weight-loss goal, I still need to lose around 20 pounds this month. I’m not going to worry about that right now. I had some grand intentions of donating money based on meeting quarterly goals, trying to make me feel the pain monetarily. Instead, I am going to focus on just trying to be healthier. By doing so, the weight will definitely come off, but I won’t focus on hitting a number every week/month. But we’ll see how well that works out.

In a general sense, even though I am not dramatically losing weight, I do feel better than I did this time last year. While I keep inching closer to that 300 pound barrier that makes me angry, I am running better than I have in a while, though I am still a bit behind where I would like to be. however, I will be walking at least three miles each day during summer classes starting next week, and about that much on school days in the fall and spring. This, along with shifting my diet to more “homemade” meals, should help me reach my goals. I guess we shall find out. Nevertheless, the fact that I am lower today than when I started makes me pretty happy at this point.

Now the stats* through Sunday morning:

Starting Weight (January 6) – 320.2 pounds
Current Weight (March 31)  – 312.4 pounds
Total weight loss (percentage) – 7.8 pounds (-2.4%)

*Within the next few weeks, I plan on taking some measurements to see if there are any actual changes to the composition of my body from when I started this thing.

Until next time…


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