Brothers Across America – Day 20

The drive from Pennsylvania westward wasn’t to difficult. Once you get past Ohio, you are just driving through some of the flattest parts of our great nation. On this day, we drove through five states: Pennsylvania, West Virginia (just the tip), Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. It was quite a haul, and one of our longest driving days thus far, but not too bad in the long run.

The pics you’ve missed:

Not the "Welcome to..." sign that you've probably grown accustomed to, but deal with it
Not the “Welcome to…” sign that you’ve probably grown accustomed to, but deal with it
We’re both in this picture (kinda) and this was the best “sign” I could find

Monday morning, I plan on swinging by the University of Illinois since we are literally staying right down the road from it. Since they are the only school to offer me admission for grad school, and since they are my first choice, I figured I should take a look at the campus at least, and maybe see if I can find out more info about financial aid and whatnot. Then it is on to Omaha, Nebraska as we move ever so closer to being done with this trip. Could be home by Thursday; should be home no later than Friday. Hooray for that!

Until next time…

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