Brothers Across America – Day 19

Leaving Connecticut was a bit rough; stopping by Mohegan Sun on the way out eased some of the burden. The trip beyond that was pretty inconsequential: got stuck in a bit of traffic heading into New York and the George Washington Bridge, Billy was amazed that we couldn’t pump our own gas in New Jersey, and we took probably the worst possible route and decided to stay in the middle of nowhere in Western Pennsylvania.

The plan was to try and meet up with some local friends; what happened is me being lame and not even getting in touch with them. This is among the many reasons why I can be a bad friend sometimes. I apologize to Josh, Nadine, and Jess for not at least trying to see you. Someday soon I will.

Driving through Southwestern Pennsylvania took me back to a time when I used to go to Northwestern PA quite often. Both look eerily similar, and driving down some of the roads was very familiar, though I have never been to the part of Pennsylvania where we were driving. Nevertheless, we arrived at the hotel without too much difficulty and just enjoyed having a bit more downtime than usual. On Sunday, we make a long drive towards Illinois, so that will be all sorts of fun.

Until next time…

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