Brothers Across America – Day 6

First time ever in Florida. 500 years "old" is kind of amazing
First time ever in Florida. 500 years “old” is kind of amazing

When plotting our path south from Alabama, I didn’t realize it would be off the beaten trail so to speak. We didn’t get on an interstate until we made it to I-10 in Florida, but it was still fairly smooth sailing. It was slightly strange to be driving 65-70 miles an hour down a divided highway, then have to suddenly stop at a traffic light at random intervals.

Florida was also our first exposure to tolls on this portion of the trip. As we head further north, we will encounter a lot more for sure, but the Florida version of a toll road is something new. It led to a discussion in the car of whether implementing tolls in Utah would work, which is something that I don’t think would, at least on the existing highways we have out there. It would hopefully reduce the traffic on some of the roads if folks had to pay to use them, but I could be wrong.

We’re taking an extra day down here in Florida, partly to let Pamela recover a bit after driving nearly 2,100 miles over the past 6 days, but also to spend some time with my good friend Maya. She’s been nice of us to let us crash at her place for a couple of nights, and we are going to take full advantage of that. Tuesday, we’ll head north to Fayetteville, North Carolina or so before getting to Washington, DC on Wednesday night, where we plan on spending a few nights as well. We’re about a third of the way through our trip, and it hasn’t been to bad thus far.

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