Brothers Across America – Day 2

Who is that sexy guy standing next to that song?
Who is that sexy guy standing next to that sign?

Today’s trip from Denver Metro to Albuquerque was fairly uneventful. Got some new windshield wipers for Pamela, and luckily, the large crack in my windshield doesn’t look like it has spread. Tried out a sushi place before heading south, and it wasn’t actually that bad.

Coming down from elevation sped up the trip by about 45 minutes, so that was pretty cool. However, most of the drive was pretty boring. I thought New Mexico would be extra “enchanting,” but it didn’t turn out to be. However, after the last two days — driving through Utah and Colorado and the inversion/snow — it was nice to see blue skies again, though there was a few spots here and there with random snow squalls. Also found some random gas station that only sold 85 octane gasoline or diesel, so luckily we were able to make it to the next gas station without running out of gas.

Tomorrow, we will be on our way to Oklahoma City, and along the way crossing through the Texas Panhandle. We might be changing our route in the next coming days, avoiding Dallas and heading straight to Little Rock from Oklahoma City. We also might skip over Vicksburg, MS, but we’ll see how things go over the next few days.

Until next time…

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