On Valentine’s Day

Just a few quick words on yesterday…

What is the point of Valentine’s Day?

It might be just that I am single, though even while in relationships, I never understood the point of setting a day aside a year to celebrate the “love” that you have for people. Shouldn’t that be something that you do every day? Of course, if you did that, Hallmark would have less reason to saturate every store with useless cards, and every retail outlet in America wouldn’t have a holiday to vomit everywhere the day after Christmas.

My point is that it is possible to show affection and care for people outside of arbitrary dates on a calendar. You shouldn’t have to be reminded by your wallet that you love someone once a year. If you truly care about someone, let them know today. Or tomorrow. Or three Wednesdays from now. It doesn’t matter.

I’m sure that most people do this, and that is great. But others seem to think they deserve a special reward for recognizing their significant other on a date that is pretty arbitrary. Good for you folks. I’m glad that you’re happy and you chose the same day as everyone else to express it. Just remember that there are another 364 days that year that you can do the same, and it all will be right in the world. Trust me.

Until next time…

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