Quick Oscar Thoughts

We interrupt New Year’s Resolutions to bring you some quick (for me) thoughts on the Oscar nominations that were announced today:

  • Like the rest of the internet, I am shocked that Ben Affleck nor Kathryn Bigelow scored Best Director nominations for Argo and Zero Dark Thirtyrespectively. Though I have not yet seen ZDT, those much smarter than me that have say it is the best movie of the year. As for Mr. Afflect, I thought he really came into his own with Argo, so maybe this perceived snub will take him to the next level with his film making.
  • I was surprised to see no love for Looper in any category, which was probably one of the five best movies that I saw last year. (I reserve judgement on that until I catch up on the five Best Picture nominations I have yet to see.)
  • The Best Picture nomination of Les Miserables was probably warranted even though I didn’t really care for the movie that much.* Looper might have been a better fit, but what do I know?

*As a caveat, I started to watch the theatrical version of The Phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get through even 30 minutes of it. I was distracted by the obvious lip syncing for the songs, as opposed to Les Mis and its live singing on the sound stage. Really created a different experience in my humble opinion, though I may be biased to the Michael Crawford/Sarah Brightman Phantom recordings of my youth.

  • With Bigelow out of the running for Best Director, I can see Steven Spielberg winning  for Lincolnbut who knows at this point. 
  • Prior to seeing all of the nominated performances, I would probably vote the acting performances this way: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (Best Actor); TBD (haven’t seen any performances) (Best Actress); Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained (Sorry Tommy Lee Jones) (Best Supporting Actor); and Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables (Best Supporting Actress), though I did love Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Most of the other categories I don’t really care about, though I did enjoy Best Animated Feature nomination Wreck-It Ralph.

I’ll delve deeper into my thoughts on 2012 in movies after I watch the 8-10 movies that I really want/need to watch prior to the actual award ceremony, but I thought I should get something out while it was fresh on my mind.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Quick Oscar Thoughts

  1. Zero Dark Thirty is the only nominated film I need to see, which I will in about five hours. I’ll let you know what I think.

    As for the Best Director “snubbing,” I think the only unworthy nominee was David O. Russell for “Silver Linings Playbook.” The other four are well deserved, especially Haneke and Zeitlin. Instead of Russell, I would vote Affleck or Tarantino, because both stepped way out of their element.

    Lastly, I agree with Looper. I was expecting a best original screenplay nod, but, hey, we can’t always win.

    1. Yeah, the David O. Russell nomination was a little unexpected even with all the hype surrounding SLP. I wasn’t expecting Tarrantino for Best Director because the people that vote for this kind of thing aren’t really huge fans of him, which is unfortunate. I think Django might be his second-best film behind Pulp Fiction, if not 1A.

      1. I’m just thankful that this is a suspenseful year, unlike last season when everyone knew The Artist and Hugo would win all of the major categories. I’m still shocked, though, that Cloud Atlas received absolutely nothing. On top of picture, I though it was locked for Best Director(s) and visual effects.

        But why complain? This year’s list is mostly fair.

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