Movember Is Back!

Last year, for the first time, I participated in Movember, which is an “annual charity event where men grow moustaches for 30 days to change the face of men’s health. I am participating again this year, but, whereas last year was just a cool reason to grow a moustache, this year it’s a little more personal.

Regular readers of this blog might remember this, but it was only back in May that my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I mild form, which is still mild enough to not need treatment, but still cancer nonetheless. With Movember’s mission to raise money for prostate cancer research, I figured this year was as good as any to make this pledge, one that I will continue going forward as long as I support this cause, which should be a while because it is so fun to grow a moustache.

My pledge is to match any and all donations, up to a total of $500, that are made over at my Movember page. This will last through the end of the month obviously, and I intend to match each donation as it comes in. If for some reason I happen to get over $500 in donations by the middle of the month, I will reevaluate my funds situation and potentially give even more, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As your favorite accountant, I will also mention that your donation to the Movember Foundation is tax deductible, which could help you out a bit on your taxes if you itemize deductions. So there’s that, but there is also the feeling of helping to stop prostate cancer. Breast cancer gets a bit more awareness, with the NFL and major college football wearing pink for the entire month of October, but prostate cancer often seems to get the short straw.

There are various options out there where you can donate money, and if you don’t donate based on personal preferences, I don’t mind. But if you have a couple of dollars to spare this month, please consider throwing them my way. I won’t win any awards or anything, just the piece of mind that I am doing something.

And now, the required “Day One” photo of my freshly shaved face, horribly lit and everything:

Look at all my chins!

Until next time…

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