Fall Television Has Returned!

As promised in a previous post, this one will be about the shows that I am most looking forward to returning within the next few weeks. I’m only focusing on the “Big 4” networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) because I watch a lot of the cable shows later when they come out on video and I can watch them all in order. I’m breaking it down by day, and just to prove that I watch way too much television, I’ll probably find something on every day. I guess we’ll see.

Sunday – Most Sunday nights will probably be spent watching football on NBC, but when I’m not doing that, I tend to check in on the cartoons on Fox. It’s not necessarily appointment viewing like some of the other shows as most of them aren’t serialized, but it’s easy to just drop in and check out what’s going on with Family Guy or American Dad! without missing anything.

Monday – The absence of House, which ended in May with what I thought was a very appropriate episode, opened up Monday night a bit for me. I would have liked to see Fox bring back Alcatraz, but apparently my opinion doesn’t matter. Furthermore, by replacing it with The Mob Doctor, which my favorite television/film critic says “fails rather grandly,” and moving Bones to the 7pm slot (MST), it looks like I will be spending Monday night watching Ted try to find his wife on How I Met Your Mother… at least until guilty pleasure Smash returns sometime in the spring. Revolution looks like a great concept as well, from the mind of J.J. Abrams, but Mr. Greenwald says it is pretty forgettable, so my hopes aren’t that high.

Tuesday – Not a whole lot going on with Tuesday night. Last year, I absentmindedly watched The Biggest Loser and checked in on New Girl for a while until I lost track of it. This year, I’ll probably try to check out New Girl again, and I am slightly intrigued by the horribly named The Mindy Projectif only because I’m a fan of Mindy KalingGo On might get some attention as well, or I might just spend an extra hour in the gym or something on Tuesday night instead.

Wednesday – Another night light on shows that I watched last year, so maybe it is good that television is no longer enticing me with its evil ways. However, Nashville is getting some great buzz and features Ms. Hayden Panettiere and probably some singing, so I’ll tune in even if it is on ABC, a channel I don’t generally watch. Another night to spend an extra hour at the gym.

Thursday – NBC has dominated Thursday for a long time, but it might be the end of an era, with 30 Rock only sticking around for 13 episodes, The Office finally put out of its misery after its season, and Parks and Rec probably on its last legs as well. I’ll tune in though, mostly to avoid the garbage that is Big Bang Theory and unnecessary Sherlock Holmes update Elementary.

Friday – On a day one shouldn’t really be spending watching television — you know, I should be going on dates or something — I’ll probably try to avoid it through the magic of Hulu or other means. The only show I really want to watch is Community, but without Dan Harmon running things, I’m worried what the show might become. I really liked Grimm and Fringe early on in their runs, but I’m a good season behind on the latter and missing the last half of the first season with the former, so I might just catch up at a later date. With Fringe available on Amazon Prime now, it might not be so difficult. But maybe I should be really trying to go on a date or something instead of watching television on Friday nights.

I won’t even worry about Saturday, which is mostly filled with sports, movies, or reruns, so I have another day free to do something chosen from the group of running, going to the gym, dating, or writing, so hooray for that. In reviewing the shows coming up, it looks like I might be watching less television this fall, which will probably be better in the long run. If anything truly stands out, I’ll be sure to let y’all know, but it is sad that I won’t have The Sing-Off to live tweet on Monday nights anymore. Oh well.

Until next time…

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