Weight-Loss Update – Week 5

Things were going well this week, but might have been derailed a bit over the weekend. In order to start seeing some real weight-loss, I need to be more consistent through the week. Hopefully, a return to the gym and some light weightlifting — and swimming — will help me out in reaching my goal of 32 Pounds by my 32nd Birthday.*

*Speaking of my friend Stacy, she’s had some recent health issues,  which she wrote about on her blog, and I just want to wish her a speedy recovery with hopes she meets her goal by our shared birthday in December.

Starting weight: 322 pounds
Current weight: 317.6 pounds
Total loss: 4.4 pounds
Goal remaining: 27.6 pounds

On the running front, I have sort of returned to running, doing a nice jog/walk of two miles three days last week. I also signed up for the 5K and half-marathon I mentioned last week, so there’s that. Hopefully, running will start to get a bit easier as the weather cools down but it remains to be seen.

Until next time…

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