Weight-Loss Update – Week 4

Like my previous weigh-in, I didn’t post anything last week because there wasn’t a whole lot of progress on the weight-loss front, and this week isn’t a whole lot different. Nevertheless, I thought I would update anyway just to keep some consistency going.

Starting Weight: 322
Current Weight: 318.2
Total Loss: 3.8 pounds
Goal remaining: 28.2 pounds

In an effort to kick things into gear, I will be heading back to the gym starting next week, primarily to start lifting some weights again, but also to swim a bit to take some of the wear and tear off of my knees until I get a little lighter. I jogged/walked two miles this afternoon and it was pretty painful, but you have to start somewhere. I found this 5k that looks pretty fun in November, and I also plan on signing up for next summer’s Utah Valley Half-Marathon. I’ll probably try and find a 10k around March or so, but at least I am giving myself a running goal.

I need to do a little better with my diet every day, so hopefully I’ll update next week with some solid progress.

Until next time…

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