Help Make Ben Folds Five Make Sweet Music

Have you ever wanted to see your name in the liner notes of an album by your favorite artist? Do you care about music education in our schools? Would you like to see music used as therapy to comfort the sick and others? Now you can, and you can do it pretty easily.

If you saw my previous post, Ben Folds Five has reunited to record a new album. Check out this link to hear the first song from the the as yet untitled upcoming release coming out in the fall. You won’t be disappointed. If you are a fan of BF5, or Ben Folds, or music that means something in general, you can help Ben, Darren, and Robert bring the new album to life, as well as helping them support music causes across the country.

If you want to do so, check out the video on the band’s Pledge Music page and contribute something to the new album. For as little as $10, you can help make this album a reality and help make the difference in the world of music. I’ll be throwing some money behind the project later this week and I encourage you to do the same. The album is already 100% funded in less than 24 hours, so every extra bit will allow the band to put even more money towards the music causes that they support.

Once you do, feel free to share this little blog post with your friends by using one of the various share buttons below. With our help, not only will we get an awesome album from the preeminent piano rock trio of our time, but also help support some great music charity programs across the country.

Until next time…

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