New Ben Folds Five Track “Do It Anyway”

Readers of this blog know of my  appreciation for Ben Folds. The guy has been a solo artist now for over a decade, but I first heard his dulcet piano chords back in 1997 or so while in high school, around the time when “Whatever and Ever, Amen” was tearing up the radio waves. My appreciation has only grown deeper since that time, and I officially have to count on two hands how many times I have seen Mr. Folds live.

All that said, I have never been more excited for a Ben Folds album until now. But it’s not because it’s a new Ben Folds album. It is, in fact, a brand new album from the reunited Ben Folds Five!!! They’ve played together since they broke up in 2008, doing a concert in North Carolina in 2008 that I almost went to. They also came back together to play three songs on Ben Folds’ The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective that came out late last year, contributing three songs to that awesome set. With this new album, due in September, and a fall tour, which I may go totally groupie on and follow them around for two months, it’s a wonderful time to be a Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five fan.

Folds has released an unmastered version of a song from the album entitled “Do It Anyway.” If the rest of the album sounds anything like this, it will be on par with most everything else that the band has released.

If you want to download and listen to the song, follow this link, which will download the song in MP3 format. Then feel free to spread the word with all your friends, and join the Five in hyping a CD in a way that has only been done a few times before. If you’re a fan, spread the word to other BF5 fans you know, or try to convince some of those people out there who have yet to learn to appreciate their music to open their ears and mind to the awesomeness.

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