Quick Intermission

Before I post the first of about 20 posts about Dawson’s Creek, I have been trying to figure out what direction to go with my writing. While I like investing and writing about it, I don’t know if it will ultimately be what I do forever. I like to think that I am a decent writer in general, I think it might be time to expand my horizons a bit. So I’m just going to start writing a bit more each day.

I’ll probably publish most of it here; some stuff I might keep closer to the vest. With all sorts of ideas running through my head, maybe it’s finally time that I start putting “pen to paper” instead of making excuses and not doing it. And while the longest thing I have ever written was probably a 20 page research paper in college, I really want to start doing something a bit more long form. Right now,  there are two projects I want to start, and completing one may lead to a third:

1) The book about my parents. I meant to start doing more for this last month, but it might be time to actually get going and see what direction it takes. I’m thinking of recording some conversations with the ‘rents and then building a narrative around the stories. In my head right now, it is a story about how two remarkable people came together and raised a family under some challenging circumstances. But it will probably be more of a family history than anything else. If any of my writing peeps out there have experiences with biographies, I’m open for suggestions.

2) The second thing I have been thinking about is a bit more of a personal memoir; I haven’t done anything truly remarkable personally, and I’m not at the point where I am starting to forget tales from my youth,  but the sooner I start putting something down, the sooner I might be able to make it into number three below. Again, in my head only right now, it is a story about 4 kids who grew up in four neighboring houses on a cul de sac in Nowhere Special, USA and how those friendships have lasted for almost 20 years (one person showed up later than the others, but it’s still going on 16 years or so. The story could start with the arrival of the 4th Amigo, but we’ll see.

3) I don’t know if this can happen until number 2 gets going, but I would love to fashion a long-running (a guy can dream) dramedy series for television about our four characters and the trials and tribulations they experienced growing up… I picture it as part Freaks & Geeks, part Scrubs (for some fantasy sequences and flashback), and part Stand By Me. It would find our heroes in high school and some of the foibles they experienced, but romanticized a little to tell the story about our strapping narrator from a different perspective, like imagining that he hadn’t been a coward in high school and actually pursued the girl of his dreams… no, not her. Or this one.  This one. There’s a good four years before the narrator up and moves to Connecticut,  but maybe he would ultimately get a different girl in this tale…

I should probably actually spend all this extra time writing stuff that I get paid for, but I need to get the creativity flowing. So like my near daily walks I’ve been taking in an attempt to get healthier, I am going to spend an hour a day just writing… probably mostly nonsense like number 3 above, but writing nonetheless. I’m not quite ready to move to Hollywood in an attempt to sell a script that hasn’t been written, but if I’m serious about this whole writing thing, it feels like it’s time to do some more of it. Hopefully it will be enjoyable for all involved!

Until next time…

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