Internet Dating Sure is Fun (in Sarcasm Font)

I don’t know if I can truly call it “internet dating” yet, as I have yet to go on a date or make much progress towards one. Nevertheless, I am not giving up thus far, and I probably spend way too much time over at my site of choice perusing my assorted matches, sending out what are probably over long messages that have yet to truly do anything for me.

The crazy analyzer in me thinks that I don’t have the right stuff in my profile to prompt responses. I’m not sure. My friend that turned me onto the site said that the women on there tend to get a bunch of messages from annoying folks and simply spend their time going through all the lame messages from what I assume are perverts or meatheads to get to the guys that are super awesome… guys like me! But who knows? Short of asking all the lovely ladies that blew me off for feedback on why they did so I am at a loss. I guess I’ll keep plugging away; I wasn’t expecting anything to happen really quick, but I was also expecting a bit more than a 5% reply rate at this point. If anything, I have been inspired to actually get my Utah life in gear and actually set out to do the things I planned on doing when I got here. All those dumb things that the overly shallow folks care about, like avoiding the 31 year-old person that lives with his parents and might be overweight. Those are a couple of the reasons why I feel like I am being avoided. Again… who knows?

As much as I and most of my generation live on the internet, and the part of me that thinks this might be the only way to meet anyone, it really sucks. Then again, going out to the “meat market” bar-style every week isn’t a whole lot of fun either. At least I can peruse the lovely ladies of the Salt Lake valley for free from the comfort of my own home without the need of a wing man. I am further encouraged by the bevy of attractive ladies, at least based on selecting their best photos and whatnot, that my new home has to offer. I didn’t know what to expect when I returned to my roots to perhaps settle down and find the future mother of my children. Though I have been frustrated to this point, I’m sure that someone around here will come to their senses and find me. I just hope that it’s not too late.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll get back to running. And finally trying to lose all this weight. And trying to figure out a way to make this writing thing work out. But I don’t think that I will ultimately be fulfilled until I can find the right person to share my life with. Until then, I wait.

Until next time…

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