Change of Plans

Well, my recent plans aren’t off to that great a start. Granted, it has only been a week, the long list of lovely ladies that I thought friends and family had in queue for me hasn’t seemed to materialize so far. With that said, I am leaving the option open. If anyone happens to find some eligible lady that might want to go on a date, feel free to let me know, but I have decided to seek other means of potentially finding dates. 

But even as I consider this little plan of mine, I almost feel like I want to call it off anyway. I am so far removed from the dating game that I don’t even know if I would be able to. The thought of meeting a stranger for a date is very scary for me, and I have never truly “dated” in the traditional sense. All of my previous relationships just kind of happened, and they all existed because of relationships not developed over coffee, dinner, drinks, or other such things. I’m just worried that meeting people and having real conversations and whatnot will be a bit hard, especially since I hate small talk with a passion! Well, not really, but I’m worried that I’ll be really boring or the things that I have to talk about will only be interesting to me.

If anyone has any advice, feel free to share. I take a look at my small circle of friends and most of them are either married or in a relationship, long removed from dating. Alas, I will struggle through these challenges, and start running, since that is what all the ladies seem to like to do these days.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. If I had to date again, I think I would join an internet site…it just seems so much easier now a days. It’s so hard to meet someone in a bar because most the time, you know what people who go to bars are looking for, and it isn’t a relationship. With online dating, you get that weird, small talk part out of the way, and you can set it up so that you will most likely be more compatible with the person in the long run. For example, I’m pretty sure that I would not be interested in someone who has not graduated from college. Nothing against those who haven’t, and not saying that there aren’t intelligent people who skip college, but it’s just a base that I can start with since education is important to me.
    I have met a lot of great friends online, and the first time we met in person, there was no akward small talk because we already knew so much about each other…we probably knew more about each other than most people who talk in real life know about each other…weird maybe, but it’s the new reality I think.

    1. I’m actually trying to do the online thing for the past week or so. While it is a bit easier for me to reach out to random strangers from the comfort of my laptop, I feel that being interesting enough in the beginning to get attention is difficult. I’ll guess I’ll just keep plugging away and see what happens.

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