The Latest One to Get Away

Don’t mind me. I’m just trying to exorcise some demons from this week so I can get back to some real work. Read at your own peril. Please be kind in the comments.

I’m glad that my time here in Virginia is soon coming to an end. While I have learned a lot and feel that I will be prepared to contribute to the Fool as a contractor, it really is time for me to get back among friends and family. Maybe the “break” that my relationship is on will end, or maybe it will become permanent. Maybe I’ll be able to go out and meet some new people, get out of my shell, and reintroduce my pretty face on all the lovely ladies of the SLC. Who knows. But something needs to happen, otherwise I will continue to crush on every single pretty girl that gets within comfortable distance.

It started on Wednesday. Get to the office, walk to the desk, and notice a new girl at the front desk. I mention to one of my fellow WDPers that I think the new girl is pretty cute. By this time, the new girl had sent out an e-mail indicating stating she was a temp and that she would only be there through Friday. Encouraged by the same WDPer that I should introduce myself, maybe even offer to show the temp where to go to lunch, I go against my normal behavior when it comes to pretty girls (which I’ve discussed ad nauseum in most of these posts) and actually go out and introduce myself. Well, not quite. I kind of stalk the lobby around her lunch time (which was announced in her e-mail) and find out what she was planning for lunch. Since the e-mail mentioned she liked “whole foods,” I mentioned that I was heading there for lunch and wondered if she wanted to tag along. I even made a joke about how we weren’t sure if she just liked foods that were whole or the actual store. Oh, how clever of me.

Anyway, we walk the five minutes or so to Whole Foods and do some quick small talk; what I do, what she does, how hard it is to write, blah blah blah. I tell her about this here blog, which she says she’ll check out.* Can’t say that I learned a whole lot about her. Seems like she was asking a lot about me, or I was simply being a blabber mouth and just talking about myself. Maybe a little of both. But my interest was piqued a bit, and I set about trying to find out if she was really a nice person or if she was just humoring me.

*I don’t really think this will actually happen, since my name isn’t so easy to spell and most people wouldn’t find something named after me unless I write it down for them. Or if they know how to spell it. So there’s that.

Being that she was the new girl, and pretty cute to boot, every other single guy in the office was always at the front desk. But she went to lunch with me, or at least let me show her where Whole Foods was. So maybe it meant something. Or maybe it meant nothing. I was a bit too busy to stop by and see her on Thursday, but I was going to invite her out to a little happy hour we had after work. Unfortunately, she was gone before I had a chance. But I did make sure to stop by on Friday and wish her happy job hunting and to tell her that the job she was temping was hiring and that she should apply. Luckily, she already knew and had applied, so it is up to the powers that be to hire her. I sure hope they do. It sure would make going to the office a little more pleasant for the next two months. I might actually go, even when I have nothing going on!

The thing that gives me pause is a second conversation we had as I was leaving the office on Friday. I was trying to leave as she was, we had another brief conversation, one in which I discussed potential Halloween plans. She said she had nothing going on tonight (Friday) but didn’t know about the rest of the weekend. If I was a smooth pimp, I probably could have invited her out to the movie I was going to by myself within the hour, maybe grabbing some drinks or dinner. But the desire to not be Creepy McCreeperston won out in my head and I just got on the elevator, not even asking for a number or anything. My confidence in that regard is still¬†lacking, especially since the last number I got from a woman (girl really) ended up being a bust.* I still wasn’t sure she was just being nice, though she did volunteer some information when she misunderstood a question I asked, so there’s that. Alas, if I never see her again, I will never know what could have been.

*In hindsight, not a terribly bad thing.

I think it would be silly of me to think that she is “The One.” A person you see for three days and potentially never again usually disappears from thoughts and memories, but something about her is staying with me. I’m hoping this post is cathartic and will be the last I think of her, but knowing my history, probably not. She does meet 80% of my criteria for the Next Mrs. Eberhard though. Maybe more, but I never really explored the fifth criteria with her. They just need to hire her so I can eventually get enough courage to ask her out and get completely shot down to remove her from my list of options. I think that’s what it will actually take.

So… yeah… it’s time for the next stop in my life, and I’ll be back in Utah in a little over 75 days from now. We’ll see what happens when I make my triumphant return.

Until next time…

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