I Am Part of the 1%

Not the 1% you are thinking of. I wish. We all wish that we had a bunch of indisposable income so that we could look down on the masses and stick our collective tongues out. We made it. You didn’t. Na na boo boo stick your face in doo doo.

No, the one percent I speak of is actually a little less than 1%, and might be a good solution to a lot of the folks currently “occupying” Wall Street.

Good for you that you went to college and now have your liberal arts degree. So do I. Now you are saddled with thousands in student loan debt. So am I. Cry me a river. Better yet, why not do something about it?

The 1% I am part of is well represented with in the “99%” as well. I am a Veteran of the United States Army. I could get on my jingoistic horse and talk about how I picked up a rifle and defended your right to be an “occupier.” I won’t though.

I was a supply specialist and a paralegal. I never fired my weapon in anger. I did serve ten months in Iraq, a place where many of these whiny princes and princesses will never see, other than watching it on television.

So why not keep walking down Wall Street to the closest recruiting station for any of the armed services? Heck, I’ll even count the Coast Guard. Sign up and you get free healthcare! They might pay off some student loans! You’ll recieve some training in a new skill! Imagine that.

But no. None of the thousands of people occupying streets next to “corporate America” will do that. They’ll write manifestos with obscene demands that can’t be corrected easily. They’ll bitch and moan about how corporate America is in our political system but won’t talk to the folks that allowed them (the Supreme Court btw). And they will continue to think they are the next Egypt, even though America, despite Her faults, is still better than 85% of the world.

What they won’t do is pick up a pen and enlist. That would require them to possibly leave their middle-class life and potentially go some place dangerous. They’ll leave that to the people without college degrees. The military is beneath them, but it is/was not beneath those of us who served.

We don’t seek a thank you, but you’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “I Am Part of the 1%

  1. If you don’t want to work? Die!
    Let’s reset the time machine to 1880. If you don’t work, you DIE!
    Pretty simple concept.
    Ten Commandments.
    Thou shalt not steal.
    Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods.
    Where did the concept of a farmer that decides not to plant & work his farm, take the fruits of his neighbors farm? I don’t get it?

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