Today’s Movie Review – The Lion King (1994)

I am usually not a fan of re-releases, especially when it is Disney and they are offering a movie for a “Limited Time Only.” However, with the recent two week special engagement of “The Lion King” in 3D, I had to see the movie. This movie has long been my favorite Disney cartoon, and nearly 20 years after seeing it for the first time, I watched it again as an adult and still love the movie. It truly is a great piece of film making. I only hope that some new format comes in ten years or so that Disney puts it back in theaters so I can take my future children to it.

Perhaps even better than the movie itself was the use of 3D. I usually don’t like 3D, but they did it really well in the movie, especially considering that the movie was one of the last movies that was hand drawn by Disney animators. I don’t know if the 3D stuff was redone by hand, but in places it kind of looked like it. I know there weren’t extra songs, but I am unsure about extra scenes, , though they could have for all I know because it has been so long since I have seen the movie. 

Again, even as a 30-year old adult, I still felt emotional at certain parts of the movie. The opening probably has to be one of the best opening scenes in any movie, animated or not. It could be because of the great music, or the sweeping views of all the animals, but when Rafiki holds up baby Simba and “The Lion King” title card hits, it is truly amazing.

I give this movie 10 out of 10, simply because it has always been one of my favorite movies, and I truly forgot how great it was until I watched it again. Tomorrow is the last day you can see it in theaters in 3D, so you might not be able to see it before it goes away. Luckily, Disney is putting it out on Blu-ray “for a limited time” soon, so buy it and watch it. I’m thinking about adding it to my collection.

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