Weight-Loss Update, Week 1

I must admit that I kind of cheated a lot this week on the diet, only following it about 70% of the time. I guess I’m still adjusting to a life without white foods. That being said, my results were a little surprising and have truly encouraged me to actually follow the diet a bit more closely to actually see what the results will be. Also, I haven’t yet started walking to work, partially because it is still a bit too hot, but also because I still can’t get into the gym at work where the showers are and clean myself after a three mile walk. On to the results:

Date: 7/17/2011
Height: 6’2″ (74″) (I didn’t grow any)
Weight: 313.4 pounds
BF% per scale: 39.8%
WW% per scale: 45.6%

Change from Day 0:
Weight: -4.2 pounds (1.32%)
BF%: -0.6%
WW%: +0.7%

Until next time…

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