Robert’s Original Blog, Part V

Note: The following is a poem that I wrote in tenth grade that was included in the  “Sophomore Honors English Poetry Collection 1996-1997” from Hunter High School and Ms. Heart. As you will see from the tone, poor little “Bobby Eberhard” was pretty sad for himself as a 16 year-old. I have tried to format it as it looks on the page, as if that is part of the presentation. This is a horrible poem and I am shocked that I wasn’t immediately failed. However, this goes to show that I was truly emo before it existed. Boom!


Sometimes I think that no
        no one
will ever love me.
I mean
         people besides my parents and
            teachers, who are required to.
I also think that I may never love,
       love someone the way
            that I’ve never been loved before.
The kind of love that’s
       unbreakable through the ages
           the kind that lasts forever.
I may despair now
        but I know that
              love will come to me.
Hopefully, at least.

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