Not Doing So Well…

…with this “30 Blogs on 30 Days” thing. I fell behind a bit when my friend was visiting, and have just been too busy getting ready for my move to Virginia to put some stuff up. I’m a little upset with myself, but what can I do? Don’t really have a whole lot to write about. I’ve just been packing, reading about four books or so, finishing up my last MOD for my accounting degree, and playing a lot of video games. Probably too many video games, but what else should I be doing?

On a positive note, I have found someone to rent the condo while I am in Virgina and beyond, so my losses are not going to be crazy, plus someone will actually be living in the condo and keeping an eye on it. I considered just selling it, but right now, I would be hard pressed to find a buyer, let alone at a price that wouldn’t require me to not come to closing with $15,000 or so. Hopefully, I can hold onto it for a while even after moving to Utah and at least sell it for what I owe. That would ultimately be the best thing under current circumstances. If I can’t sell it, hopefully I’ll be able to keep renting it until I do.

I think to round out the six or seven posts I am behind, I am going to throw up some more of my mobilization journal, as well as some really fun stuff from my high school days, if only to prove that I was emo before emo existed. Stay tuned!

Until next time…

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