Quick Note About Nothing in Particular

I’m a bit behind. My little visit from a classic friend over the past weekend distracted me from putting stuff up, but over the next few days I plan on getting caught up. I’m about five days behind, and I am chomping at the bit to write some stuff so it will get done. My 30 Blogs in 30 Days will still happen; it just might not necessarily be over 30 consecutive days. It will definitely be 30 posts though.

One of the next things I plan on writing about will be a few test posts on length. If I end up becoming a freelancer after my six month writing program at The Fool, I will have to generate a minimum of 40 300-word pieces and four 800-word pieces a month. Since I am only slightly aware of what there would actually look like in blog form, a couple of the things that I put up over the next few days will be of those lengths. What the topics will be is yet to be decided, though I may do some quick research on a few of the stocks that I just purchased (AMR, WFC, PFE, BRK.B) and see if I can write a Foolish post about them, similar in style to my writing sample. It was obviously good enough to get me a spot as one of SIX in the program, so we’ll see what happens.

Until next time…

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