First Post of May… and in a While in General

Greetings readers! I know that you come here every day, expecting written greatness and have been leaving disappointed for the past month or so. “I wonder when he is going to write a follow-up to ‘States Quiz From Facebook?'” you have been asking yourself the past month or so. But await no longer! Not that this post is going to be anything super, but I figured I’d give you all something to read about as you prepare yourself for the onslaught of awesomeness that is about to blow out your eye holes!
I have often written about what I was going to do with my unemployment once it hit, and sadly, I have neglected to do may of the things that I wanted to. But no more! Beginning tomorrow (or there abouts), I will be finishing up some writing projects and adding them to this here blog. They most likely will be posted chronologically where they happened, but I will be sure to put up posts with links back to where they are. Confused? Well don’t be! It will be more than easy to find what is going up.

For example, as I finish up my German leave posts, you will see a blog post on a current day that looks like this: Continue on these adventures right now at this location, which would be the first post from that series (first link) and the last post (second link). Too easy, right? I only have about five or six more said German leave posts, but they will be up by the end of the week (roughly). Then it will be onto finishing my Mobilization Journal with a lot of the stuff I wrote while in Iraq, or at least the unclassified, extremely boring stuff that I can share with you within 75 years. I probably have another 30 days of that or so that I wrote before I was totally bored by the whole thing, but I think you will find it interesting.

My primary point in all this is to get you returning to this blog on a semi-regular basis. For those of you that do, you may see a very important, super secret announcement that I will be putting up towards the end of May. If you don’t see it hear, I’m sure you will see it on Facebook or Twitter, but the exclusive will be right here on this very blog. No hints or anything so don’t even ask.

A few years ago, I did “A Blog a Day for 30 Days.” While I don’t think I will necessarily be doing that again, I may “celebrate” its two-year anniversary by doing it again in June of this year. That is, only if I don’t run out of things to say by then. Doubt that will happen, but you never know.

Until next time…

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