@GuruEbby Loves @Twitter

If you are not following me on Twitter (and at this point, why not?), you miss a lot of my instantaneous comments about things, like mildly amusing tweets from a recent concert, including my attempts to find The Next Mrs. Eberhard (which will be abbreviated as TNME in future posts). Long story short, you should be following me on Twitter. It’s good times… usually.

Right now, I have 49 followers on Twitter. This number makes me sad. A lot of these followers are dumb fake things that are following me because I may have mentioned something that is about them or the thing that they follow and promote. I don’t like these followers and tend to block them when I remember, even though following me is not a huge deal.
Something that I have read is that in order grow your influence using Twitter, you should have more people following you then you follow. This makes sense obviously. If I was actually selling something on my “normal” Twitter feed, it would be a bigger deal, and as I grow my tax preparation business, I would hope that that feed would get to that point. Since I am not focusing on that business right now, however, I am not as concerned.

It is hard to explain why I enjoy Twitter to those who are not on Twitter. Some people still have this idea that people are tweeting bowel movements and other nonsense. While there are still people that are doing this for sure, if you don’t want to see these things, don’t follow them. Twitter, however, is a great tool for getting linked to pertinent articles or other things of interest. If you are following the right people, it is very entertaining. Live tweets of sporting events, television shows, and other things are a great way to share what is going on in the world. Instead of perusing various online news sources and seeing a lot of news that may not be super interesting, you can see a less than 140 character summation and follow the link. It really is something awesome. I wish I had invented it.

I don’t expect a whole lot of new followers from this post. However, on Twitter’s birthday today, I encourage all that see this to check out Twitter. If you do, great, and follow me for the hell of it. If not, no big loss to me or Twitter. They have plenty of users and they aren’t doing too bad. Who knows what the future holds for something like Twitter, but right now it is big part of the social media landscape.

Tune in next time for my thoughts on Groupon, Four Square, Facebook, and other social media things (not really). Until next time…

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