It’s Official

The day that I knew was coming finally came earlier this week. I have been issued my dreaded “30-day” letter, putting me on notice that since I am no longer in the Reserves that I will no longer have a job in 30 days. Even though I knew the day was coming, it was still something that is never fun, though after this week of doing everybody else’s work, I think I am ready to leave.

I do have a 15-day window in which I can submit documents and other stuff on my behalf to try and keep my job. I still think that I am going to request more time since I still have not found another job, and the US Code in which I was hired under says that I need to be removed “within a year of losing Reserve status.” It would at least allow for me to continue getting paid, though the sooner I get of the Army payroll, the sooner I can collect unemployment if need be. That plus my fancy Post-9/11 GI Bill should help me meet my expenses and whatnot for the time being, but who knows for how long.

I have applied for another job within the Army that I think I would do really well at. We’ll see if the Army feels the same way. Otherwise, I will continue to look for other jobs and hope for the best, while trying to find a way to really start what I think I can do. I really just need to finish up this accounting degree so I can at least get in the door somewhere and hopefully start accumulating some sort of accounting experience, though I really do not want to ever have a boss again. Until I get a large amount of money, however, it may be my only option. Becoming the next Warren Buffett may have to wait for a few more years. As always, we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to blogging more frequently. I really do want to finish my Germany leave blogs and put some stuff up that I wrote while deployed, and blogging over at Eberhard Tax has been lacking as well. Hopefully, you’ll see this in your little blog roll and click to read it, and I will continue to update enough to keep you interested.

Until next time…

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