Robert’s Original Blog, Part I

Since I can’t think of anything better to write about, I have yet another series of posts that will get interspersed when I run out of things to write about. I probably should finish my Germany leave posts or some of the other stuff that I am thinking of finishing, but this is my blog so I’ll post what I want.

I had this idea a few days ago that I would go super old school and transfer some stuff from my boyhood journal. I didn’t write a whole lot, filling up a little over 11 pages, but looking back to my young self is pretty interesting. I wish I would have wrote more as some of the memories are starting to fade, but now the ones that I wrote down will be saved forever somewhere on the interweb. Names will not be changed and syntax and grammar will be written exactly as I did over twenty years ago. Onto the first few entries.

On January 7, 1989, I was Baptized and Confirmed. The water was warm because I was the first person to be baptized. The people that attended were:* my family, my Uncle Leeroy, Aunt Betty, Jeremiah and Lorna (cousins) and a freind (sic). His name is Stephen Porter. My dad Baptized me and confirmed me. Stephen got baptized and confirmed on April 8, 1989 by his dad.**

*At the age of eight I knew how to use colons. Pretty impressive, though I couldn’t spell friend and used the word “got” instead of “was” later on.
**The first few entries aren’t dated, so it’s hard to know when I actually wrote them. I would assume it was sometime after April 8th from the narrative so far.

My little brother (Billy) turned one on February 27th 1989. I’m a Cub Scout and almost got my Wolf. I allready (sic) got my Bobcat. My brother is on a mission in Mexico and I miss him very much. That’s all for ’89 now I’m going back to ’88.*

 *Apparently, I am going to go back and tell you some history. Can’t wait!

I became a Cub Scout on Dec. 20 (my birthday) and earned my Bobcat in four days. I am a Wolf Cub Scout and I have a gold Arrow Point and three Silver. I got one more Silver Arrow.* I am in 3rd grade and Stephen Porter is in my class. I got Ms. Winn as my teacher and she is nice. We get our mid-terms on October 10, 1989. I’m doing good well in school. and Mrs. Winn is nice.** Well thats all for today. Oh and one more thing. My family reads the Book of Mormon almost every morning when I wake up. My Dad wakes me up at 7am because I have to be at school by 8:30 because school starts at 8:45. Well I have to go to bed. Good bye for now. And good night.

*I’m assuming that since the sentence about gold arrow points and the “one more silver arrow” line are in different colors in my journal that it was a different day.
**I understood redundancy in third grade. Look at that! Then it gets pathetic:

Well, I was dumped by my girlfriend. Her name is Shawna. She has blonde (sic) and we were in the same class in 2nd grade. She loved me then. She is really cute. I wrote a love letter to her and gave it to a girl in her class. She probably told her who it was from.* I got to think of some way to say sorry without my own words (like writing a letter or have someone tell her to forgive me).** I love her with all my heart. I got to show her what boy she dumped. Yesterday, I said that I couldn’t live with myself and give me ten more minutes of life.*** Stephen Porter told me to get a hold of myself . I thought the whole thing was funny. You should have been there. I kept on hiding when I saw Shawna’s face. Those were the old days. These are the new days. Well, that’s all for October 10, 1989. Good bye and good night.

*Thought she was my girlfriend. Why would I be worried about her knowing that a “love letter” was from me? 
**What?! What did I do to make Shawna so mad at me? 
***Bit of a drama king, don’t ya think? E gads, I was over-analyzing women when they were girls! Last bit for tonight:

Oct 12, 1989 – Shawna hasn’t dumped me yet but she probably will. We’re out of school for two days because of U.E.A. We’re learning cursive in school.* That’s all for now good bye.

*This entry was written in horrible, third-grade cursive.

This has been an interesting experiment so far. I think we about covered a year in the life of 8 year-old Robert Eberhard. The next few entries are me doing multiplication tables, the cursive alphabet, and counting to 50. We can skip those, as well as the January 1, 1990 entry welcoming the New Year and updating that my father watched the Orange Bowl that day. We will pick this series up again, at some point in the near future, on April 29, 1990.

3 thoughts on “Robert’s Original Blog, Part I

  1. Oh…I love this post. First of all, it is interesting to see my big brother as a kid…since I was all of 4 at this point in time. I also liked how over-dramatic you were, and how Stephen Porter complimented that with a "Get a hold of yourself" I picture this with a good slap and a man at the end. Good stuff! Way better then my journal entries which were filled with a lot of self loathing and Justin Timberlake.

  2. If you think this is over dramatic, wait until I delve further into young Robert's life. After reading the rest of my short 12 pages, I wish I had been more consistent with keeping up with the journal. But what I did write, in retrospect, is very lame, though it does foreshadow my adult life. Stay tuned…

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