Adventures in Babysitting

I must preface this blog in saying that this was not my proudest moment, and I try not to make this occur all the time, but sometimes it happens when you are least expecting it. This post is simply a post about the joys of being single in this day and age.

This happened a few weeks ago. It was a Saturday, and I spent the early evening at a hockey game watching the Connecticut Whale (nee Hartford Wolfpack). The game was good, my first ever hockey experience, and maybe I’ll go to another one in the future. After the game, the night was young so I tried to find out what by BFF was doing. Threw him a text on the way home, but unfortunately he didn’t get back to me until I had made it home. But he was slightly intoxicated, so I told him to sit tight and not go anywhere. Can’t have him driving off and getting in an accident or anything. The place where he was I will not mention by name, as I do not want the owners to ever track me down. I’m sure they wouldn’t like a story about the rampant underage drinking at their establishment all over the interwebs, so we just won’t mention them.

Anyway, I get to the bar and my friend is drunk out of his mind. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen him drunk plenty of times, but he was definitely in rare form on this particular night. By the time I had arrived, he was drinking water and trying to sober up for his drive home. As we were getting ready to leave, in walk the Four Ls (whom will also remain nameless, but it was seriously four girls whose names all started with L). Al identifies one that he would like to talk to, but unfortunately she was being distracted by some guy, so Al starts buying drinks for one of the Ls, who happens to look like a hot, skinny version of Snooki from “Jersey Shore.” He chats her up, and we go out and smoke with “Snooki” L and one of the other Ls, whom I decide to take a liking to.

The first statement out of my L’s mouth is “You probably know my dad.” Being that I am not originally from Connecticut, I can count on two hands the people that I know from Connecticut. The next question is “What district are you in?,” as in which Congressional district. I don’t really know the number, so I say “Joe Courtney’s district.” I was slightly intrigued by this, as I am all super smart in politics, at least according to my fancy degree from UConn. Anyway, she says “Oh, my dad is (the Congressman from CT 1st District).” Interesting. We chat a bit more, buy the Ls some shots, and start getting ready to leave for the night. We were going to try and make plans for the next day, but decided against it when Al’s L brought up something that left us in a bit of a hurry to leave. While conversing with his L, for some reason she asked him how old he was. He told her, and she was slightly embarrassed about how old she was. She asked Al to guess, and he guess 21 or 22, being as we were at a bar and whatnot. She replied: “I’m 18.” Hmm… slightly concerned about all those drinks we had purchased for the lovely ladies. “Oh, it’s okay. We’ve been drinking here since we were 15.” On that note… time to go. Nice meeting you. See you around or something. We departed soon after.

The next morning, after sleeping off some shots of Goldschlager, I simply had to text Al to confirm that it all wasn’t some crazy dream. He, confirmed, that yes, we did purchase alcohol for the underage daughter of a sitting US Congressman and a girl in high school. Interesting night for sure, and one that I hope never happens again. Sure was fun though.

Until next time…

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