New Year, Blog Two

I am trying something a bit new this year. While reading a book recently, “Guerilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson, he mentions that you really shouldn’t blog unless you are continually updating it, about once every other day. with the pending launch of the website for Eberhard Tax Solutions (hopefully that link will be live by February), I plan on integrating a blog into the website with all sorts of important tax and accounting news so that it will help my little website, and tax prepartion business, be found when you use “the Google.” So, per a tweet I sent out yesterday (follow me @GuruEbby) that received no responses, I am trying to blog every other day here, and when the other site goes live, there as well. Without further ado, today’s blog.

When I did “30 Blogs in 30 Days,” I had writer’s block, so I looked around the interweb and found all sorts of great ideas, as indicated here. The “30 Blogs” thing was to help me develop a habit of blogging, and, unfortunately for y’all, it didn’t stick. I have a lot of journal-y stuff that I wrote while I was in Iraq, but I really need to take a look at some of the stuff that I wrote for OPSEC reasons, plus I lost interest right around May or so since I was so miserable on the deployment. I seriously doubt that any book will come out of the deployment, but you never know. With my pending unemployment, I may have a lot of free time on my hands to sit down and focus, and maybe somehow, put a few thoughts down on the computer and develop something. Will it be 300 pages of greatness? Doubt it. Seems so daunting, but you never know.

Anyway, I’m rambling, but I thought I would touch on one of the 55 blog topics that had been posted on the aforementioned “30 Blogs” post. I already wrote a little about a few things on the list (#1 here; #2 here), far less than I actually thought when reviewing my writing from then. I really suck at this apparently. I would rather write blogs about some unattainable woman or write reviews for movies. Maybe it’s because the 55 things are kind of lame when taken all together. If you look at some of my short snippets from the original post (linked again in case you forgot), you can see how I find it slightly difficult to write a few thousand words* on any of those topics.

*I really need to do a word count on some recent blog posts. Am I really writing as much as I think I am? Or am I just overly optimistic. This blog, for example, counts out at 1,068 words according to MS Word. This one, a Ben folds concert review, checks in at 1,948. Using that small sample size, my average is slightly over 1,500. Maybe that’s what I’ll aim for. Check the bottom to find out how long this rambling monstrosity ends up being.

…Need to focus. The crux (am I using the word correctly?) of this post is to solicit blog ideas from my faithful readers, though at this point, I think my readership barely extends beyond Megan, Stef, Jen, and maybe my mom (no, my mother does not blog. No link). If I am wrong, please let me know. If you stumbled upon this blog because of something else, let me know. As I mentioned, I will soon have hours a day to read lovely little blogs and I am also considering finding a freelance opportunity if someone really thinks that I can do this thing. Maybe an editor would help focus me on a topic here and there, and cut out the wordiness of what I do end up writing. Quick word check: 642 before the colon. (That looks like it is spelled wrong. Nope. Guess not.)

If you peruse the other things that I have written, or find some of the Twitter things I say fancy, suggest a blog topic or two over the next few days, either here or there, or using any other means of communication with me. I’d post an e-mail address, but then I’ll get spammed, but you should be able to comment on the blog here, or when it feeds through to Facebook or shows up on my Twitter feed. If that’s not enough, well, I guess you don’t find it enjoyable enough.

At that, I leave it up to you, dear readers. I will try my best to remain entertaining, and failing suggestions, I’ll find something to put up on here, though, with this blog, my average word count will be going down. Hopeflly, inspiration will hit me and the number will go back up. Until then, return on Friday for a special blog to commemorate 200 blogs here. Should be fun and exciting!

Note: 820 words not including this line. Average around 1,275 (again, small sample size).

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