Ben Folds By Track – Track #7

See here for the idea behind this series of blogs. Here we go onto the next tracks from the Ben Folds (Five) catalog. Even though I was unable to attend the concert on the 17th, I thought I should at least finish this little project, so here we go. However, now that a concert has been added in New York City on December 14th, it might not be all for naught. Definitely need to finish this in time for the concert, and so that I can get working on some other writing projects I’ve been neglecting.

  1. “Free Coffee” from “Way to Normal” – This song really shows Ben Folds’ talent with making his piano sound like something other than a piano. I don’t know how he gave it the unique sound in the studio, but I know when he plays this song live, he feeds the piano through some sort of distortion and puts a tin of Altoids and a pie tin on the strings of the piano. Besides that, the song is about how he is treated differently now that he is rich compared to when he was not. I really like this song.
  2. “Losing Lisa” from “Suburbs” – Due to the overall weakness of the Track Sevens, this song cracks the top half of the rankings. It’s not that it is a bad song; it is simply very similar to a lot of the other songs on “Suburbs” (“Zak and Sara,” “Carrying Cathy,” and “Annie Waits” come to mind).
  3. “Give Judy My Notice” from “Silverman” – I like this song, but I like it better as the version that is on one of the EPs that he released. I don’t really like the arrangement and sound from the “Silverman” album.
  4. “Claire’s Ninth” from “Lonely Avenue” – This song assists this album in getting better as it goes along. I really enjoy some of the orchestrations of the song and the overall feel of the entire track.
  5. Your Redneck Past” from “Reinhold Messner” – A decent song to follow “Army,” but not that strong overall. As this album heads into the last half, this is not a great way to start it, but the next few tracks aren’t really that great either, leading into probably the best finishing Ben Folds song at Track 12.
  6. “Smoke” from “Whatever and Ever Amen” – A decent song in its own right, but kind of nondescript. I don’t really know how to describe it.
  7. Sports and Wine” from “Ben Folds Five” – A disappointing follow-up on the album to “Underground” for sure. Real peppy, and fits well with a lot of the early BFF songs, but not that good overall.

Average ranking by album to this point:

  1. “Rockin’ the Suburbs” – 2 (14)
  2. “Whatever and Ever Again” – 3.3 (23)
  3. “Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner” – 4 (28)
  4. Songs for Silverman” – 4 (28)
  5. “Way to Normal” – 4.4 (31)
  6. “Ben Folds Five” – 4.7 (33)
  7. “Lonely Avenue” – 5.4 (38)

Until next time…

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