It Rains in Iraq – A Stream of Consciousness Blog

Yes, it truly does rain in Iraq. And it makes it smell very different. Maybe it has something to do with the general dustiness of the country, but when you combine rainfall, even when it is not that much, it really is a unique experience.

Even though I thought the wind was going to never stop and let me sleep earlier, it did. I’m glad that soon I will no longer live right next door to an active airfield and that I will actually be outside when it is light outside, even though it will be cold at Fort Dix when we get there. That’s cold people, not what we got going on here right now. But it is what it is. I guess compared to the triple digit temperatures of just a few weeks ago it is cold, but I say enjoy it while you can. Soon it will be freezing temps in New Jersey with nothing more than that stupid fuzzy green coat to keep you warm. Then you can complain about the cold.

I should really get back to work.

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