Leave Chronology – Day Fifteen

German Eagle

Today, we took the train to Munich with little idea of what we would actually do once we got there. One of the deciding factors was that it was a little closer via train then Berlin, which would have been a bit more preferable. However, once we arrived in Munich, we realized there was a little bit more to Germany than Frankfurt and desired that we had planned our trip a little better, spending a few days in various cities around Germany.
When we arrived in Munich, we purchased a ticket for the Third Reich Tour, one of the many tour packages sold in Munich. It was a walking tour of all the buildings in Munich that the Nazis used, or at least it would have been had the Allies not had them all destroyed at the conclusion of World War II. A sample exchange from the tour guide:

Tour Guide: Over on this corner, the Nazi War Department had a building. As you can see, it is no longer here.
Tour Patron: Why isn’t it here?
Tour Guide: General Eisenhower ordered it destroyed after we defeated the Nazis in World War II. Over here, you’ll see the corner where the Nazi Children’s Corps was housed.
Tour Patron: Another empty corner?
Tour Guide: Just picture a big stone building with eagles and swastikas. That’s what it looked like. Moving on…

Very exciting as you can see.

The Hall
Personal Mugs at the Hofbrauhaus

Before heading back to Frankfurt, we stopped by the world famous Hofbrauhaus and tried to get some beer which turned out to be fairly difficult due to the language barrier. However, it was nice to see the place where the Nazi Party had its start, which you can see in the picture on the right.

All in all, it was a good day spent in Munich, even if we did spend a lot of time on the train on our way to and from. Once we returned to Frankfurt, we returned for Pure Platinum for the third time, hoping to make it the last night. Alas, it was not, a recurring theme of the trip to Germany, but it was a good time nonetheless.

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