I Will Not Be One of Those People

Just so everyone knows, I have an opinion about the building that will be built a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York City. I have even shared that opinion in a few places, so go find it there. I am not going to say anything more about it. Why? Because it doesn’t affect me one bit. So why should I care? If somebody can give me a reason to care about it that is not a parroted comment from some talking head, maybe I’ll pay attention and start caring. But I don’t live in New York, this will not have any impact on my life unless I choose to let it, and it really is getting ridiculous with everyone and their mom voicing opinions. Let’s worry about other things people. Please. If people dedicated this much time to a cause that actually meant something, we might actually see real change in this country. Until that happens though, it will always be the Right shouting down the Left, with the people in the middle picking sides and repeating the same nonsense from either side. Evolve as a society, people. There is no black and white; there is actually a lot more gray than everyone acknowledges. You don’t have to for or against everything. It is possible to just say “Whatever.” That, my friends, is something that needs to start happening more often.

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