This Isn’t Where I Parked My Car…

As much fun as it was to try and convince everyone that a married an exotic dancer here in Germany, I have decided, here on my one week anniversary, to end the whole charade. It was fun, and I could probably get another few days out of it, but I am getting bored with it. I was going to translate this whole thing in Romanian, but even that lost it’s appeal after a while. I thought about following through with it saying that it didn’t work out and that we had to get the marriage annulled, but even that seemed a little too far out there. So it is easier just to delete “Pamela” from everyone’s life and move on.

Elements of the story were true, though in the grand scheme of things, they were the minor facts. True: her name is “Pamela,” she is from Romania, 25, and an dancer at Pure Platinum here in Frankfurt. Everything else is a total fabrication. Call it creative liberty. I honestly thought she had a kid due to a misunderstanding during one of our first conversations, but she doesn’t. She is in college, learning computer science. How about that? A stripper dancing herself through college. Even in Germany!

She is a good person, or at least appears to be just a hard working person supporting her family back home in Romania. Maybe I just have a soft spot or something for a story of a person struggling out of their situation. And aside from the whole being a stripper and living in Germany, I would probably try to get to know her better, though she only gets half of my jokes because of the language barrier. Even so, she thinks I am hilarious!

But who knows what the future holds. I was only partially joking about the “three requirements needed for my next wife: younger than me, makes more money than me, and is (of) Eastern European (descent).” You know any “normal” people that meet those requirements, let me know. Even now, I feel a little guilty in that I wasn’t completely honest with her about who I am or what I do. But that is part of the game supposedly.

If anyone was hurt or offended by this little experiment, I apologize. If anyone spoke with “Pamela,” I hope you realize it was me, but everything she said I meant. This was in a way an interesting “Sociology of Social Media” experiment. How one person’s social media posts can influence the thoughts of others. But that might be a discussion for a future date. Again, I apologize for any hurt feelings. It was fun while it lasted and you can all resume your normal life.

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