Leave Chronology – Day Eleven

Look! Crowds!
It’s a DJ!

After awaking late due to our late night spent at our new favorite club, we just hung around the hotel because there was a street festival going on, which, oddly enough, was called “Kaiserstrasse Fest” (Kaiserstrasse being, litterally, “Kaiser Street” in German. So creative.). We purchased various baubles and sampled numerous local delights, both food and beer. It was very interesting to say the least, if only because thousands of people were literally two feet away from our hotel for a few nights.

After hanging out a the festival for a bit, we made our way to the Irish pub for some karaoke. After nearly being tossed out (the guy was trying to sing “Instrumental Break” during the song. I was just trying to help him out a bit), we started chatting up some folks that actually thought it was cool we were American. And by folks, I mean girls. Two of them, two of us; it was perfect. Except for the fact that some Air Force guy decided to tag along as we caught a cab to the other side of Frankfurt to go to “a really cool bar.” That happened to be closed. In a fairly shady part of Frankfurt, far away from where we were staying. Without enough Euro to get another cab back, we decided to walk back. Good thing the Army taught us urban land navigation, otherwise we would have probably ended up in some alley missing some internal organs or something.

Anyway, the night overall was kind of a bust, in the sense that the German girls we were hanging out with turned out to be a drag. But it was still kind of fun just walking back through Frankfurt and realizing where we were and that we were not that far from our hotel. After walking for what seemed like an hour to my drunken mind, we returned safely to the hotel, which was followed by a very restful night of sleep.

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