Is It Love? or How I Learned to Stop Hating Frankfurt and Love A Stripper

Frankfurt has not really been that great. I’m sure it’s a great place to visit if you are an international business person or in banking. Since I am neither, I have been slightly disappointed. That is not to say that Frankfurt is not without it’s merits. It is nice to see greenery again after eight months in Iraq. And one cannot discount the variety of sights and sounds that can be seen simply by walking a few blocks from the hotel. It was one one of these walks that I found her.

I don’t know if it was the wild amount of Euros being thrown her way, but we sure hit it off from the start. It was truly love at first sight, at least from my perspective. I’d ask her, but she’s not here. Ever the hard worker she is. We did find time over the past few days to step out and get married. We truly were meant for each other. True, I didn’t know her last name until the “wedding,” but she’s everything that I wanted from a second wife: younger than me (she shares her birthday with one of my sisters!), makes more money than me, and from Eastern Europe. I would have prefered a Slavic country, but I suppose Romania will have to do for now (not that there is anything wrong with Romania). And I had something to offer her too, so it was a match made in heaven. But therein lies part of the next dilemma facing me.

Since I still have the remainder of this deployment ahead of me, I cannot yet begin my new life. But I do want to get my precious Pamela out of Frankfurt and have her begin establishing our new home together, especially considering that there is little Bianca to worry about. If we act quickly, we can make sure she gets enrolled in a nice Kindergarten program for the upcoming school year. And Pamela needs to see if she can put her education (she trained as an economist in Romania) (see? so smart!) to use so she can begin working a more respectable profession. I guess what I am wondering if there is anyone that would like to welcome my new wife and daughter into their home until I get home later this year. I have talked with the consulate here and she is on the fast track to citizenship now that she is married to a citizen. And just in case you were wondering, she does speak English really well, in fact better than some “native” speakers I know. I just think that I can’t simply send them to a new home without someone to meet and help them out.

Just let me know if you’d be willing to help us out. She’s really excited about coming to America, as is little Bianca, and I just want to ease the transition. It’s too bad that I can’t do this myself, but I am only alloted so much leave and I have to get back soon. And if she can’t get to America in the next few months, she’s more than willing to stay here and keep working. After all, the Euro is doing pretty well against the dollar right now.

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