Leave Chronology – Day Four

Since it is Friday, we decided to check out the “disco” scene in Frankfurt. The first club we found was called XXL, which by day is a restaurant, but at night becomes a pretty large nightclub. Since the drinking age in Germany is 18 (or at least appears to be), many club patrons were much younger than me. This does not mean that I did not enjoy the scene, but it was difficult to compete with all the Justin Biebers in the crowd, especially with the language barrier.

The second stop of the night was supposed to be another club, but they were closed or something, so we went to Pure Platinum for the first time instead. Both a good and bad idea, which will become abundantly clear throughout the rest of the two weeks of blog posts.

This night was significant for two reasons: one, it was my “wedding day” for about a week when I fake-married a stripper (see here), and two, I learned to not enjoy Jack Daniels anymore. Had I not got sick around 2am, then maybe something would have happened with the nice ladies that Al had rounded up, but I blame the German army guy that gave me 80% JD and 20% Coke. Combined with the bottle of vodka that Al and I split, it was not really a good time.

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