Robert, Meet Wall

For all of my talk of using this deployment to springboard myself to a longer military career, I think I officially hit the wall early last week. By wall, I mean that I don’t really feel like being in the Army is anything that I want to keep doing after this deployment. Plan was, I was going to reenlist while here so I could keep my job, go back and work for a year or so and get ready to apply to OCS and continue on my marry way as an officer in the United States Army. Now, that doesn’t seem like something I want to do anymore. I can’t really pinpoint the exact reasons, but part of it is the draw home and desire to be with near my family again. Both my parents will be retired by this fall, and my sister Stef is having a baby as well. Now has never been a better time to finally cut my last ties to Connecticut and move back to Utah. Not only will I be closer to my family and friends, I will also be in a place that might make it a bit easier to do some of the other things that I wanted out of life. Connecticut is just too expensive a place to live to do what I want to do anymore.

At this point, I am about 93% sure that this is what I want to do. I have said this before: after I divorced, prior to the deployment, numerous other times in the past 9 years. But now feels like the time. Get back, try to sell the condo again, and pack up and move back home. I have been gone too long and need a change in my life. After all this time, my true friends really do miss me and I think that I have been delaying this long enough. I tried to succeed far away from home, and at this point I don’t feel much different from when I left, except maybe more in debt and a few pounds heavier. I think it is time for the “Prodigal Son” to return home. Hopefully it will work out for the best.

3 thoughts on “Robert, Meet Wall

  1. This makes me very happy…but I just want you to be happy and I'll support whatever decision you make. Oh…but little Baby Jo sure is tempting isn't he/she?!?!

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